Recap: December '22

January 05 ,2023

As we look ahead to 2023 with the upcoming release of the Vaults and BLD Boost minting mechanisms, we take a moment to reflect on the milestones that made 2022 so special.

Cosmos Riders Contest 🚴‍♂️

At the start of December, Inter Protocol launched the Cosmos Riders Contest, a series of competitions designed to test the knowledge and skills of our community members. Successful participants were rewarded with 200 BLD along with special Discord roles giving them access to future events.

Bitcoinist featured Inter Protocol 📰

Inter Protocol was featured in Bitcoinist on December 1st. The article provided readers with an in-depth look at the protocol, including our minting mechanisms and the economic protections put in place such as our Economic Committee and the upcoming Reserve.

Proposal passed to include DAI in PSM 🗳️

In November, a community member proposed Inter Protocol include Axelar DAI to the Parity Stability Module (PSM). This would enable holders of DAI to mint IST. After a period of discussion in the community forum followed by a governance vote, the proposal was passed on December 6th with 944 out of 952 votes.

Coincodex featured Inter Protocol 📰

On December 8th, Coincodex published an article about Inter Protocol, covering topics related to the interchain, our minting mechanisms, and the use of IST as a native stable token for the Cosmos ecosystem.

Stakin(g) Podcast 🎙️

Youssef Amrani and Chris Berg, members of Inter Protocol’s Economic Committee, joined the Stakin(g) Podcast. They discussed Agoric's JavaScript smart contract platform, IST, Liquid Staking, Vaults, and volatility in the Cosmos ecosystem.

Community Call #7 🎤

We held the 7th community call on Twitter with Youssef Amrani, Rowland Graus, Vanessa Pestritto, Zaki Manian, and Dean Tribble. The discussion revolved around the development of Vaults, IST’s proliferation across Cosmos, and the status of our community campaigns

Cosmos Stablecoin Summit ⛰️

Inter Protocol, along with seven other decentralizes stable tokens, joined the Stablecoin Summit. During the summit, Dean Tribble, CEO of Agoric, discussed IST and its mission, while Zaki Manian, Co-Founder of Iqlusion, represented Inter Protocol and reflected on the future of the Cosmos ecosystem and the importance of decentralized stable tokens.

1M+ IST in Circulation 🔸

IST circulation exceeded 1M+ in the final month of 2022, marking an important milestone for the protocol. Currently, over 1.3M IST is in circulation with a 5M IST mint limit. More stats and facts can be found on the IST Analytics Dashboard.

Community-led Whitepaper 🧠

Thanks to some great input and conversation with the community, we updated the proposed liquidation design for Inter Protocol in December, moving away from initial the AMM model initially proposed. We also opened our whitepaper for community contribution, so if you you've get to include your feedback, feel free to do so!

What’s next? 🤔

We’ve got a big couple of months planned ahead for Inter Protocol with lots of exciting updates, new partnership announcements, and a roadmap coming to our website very soon. Make sure to keep an eye out on socials to stay up to date!