The Stable Token for Cosmos IBC

Introducing IST, the Inter Stable Token powered by Inter Protocol and backed by assets such as ATOM and OSMO.

What's different?

Inter Protocol is a community-organized, decentralized application launching on the Agoric chain that implements the Inter Stable Token (IST). As an overcollateralized, cryptocurrency-backed decentralized stable token, IST is designed to maintain parity with the US dollar (USD) for broad accessibility. Users are able to mint IST by creating a Vault, using the Parity Stability Module (PSM), or engaging with BLD Boost. Furthermore, holders of Agoric BLD (‘the BLDer DAO’) have sovereign governance over the Inter Protocol. The BLDer DAO will elect a technical economic committee to manage the Inter Protocol and propose changes (for example, which IBC-enabled cryptocurrency should be used as collateral to support IST minting, such as ATOM or OSMO).

Create a Vault

Create a Vault, mint IST, and trade in the $10B+ interchain market while holding onto your Cosmos assets.

Swap for IST

Trade in and out of IST using Swap, the native Inter Protocol AMM, or purchase IST directly with other stable tokens, such as USDC via the Parity Stability Module (PSM)

Boost your BLD

BLD Boost enhances your staked Agoric BLD tokens by allowing you to mint IST against your future staking rewards.

Use Cases

A stable token for IBC

A stable token for IBC

The interchain ecosystem needs a stable token backed by a broad spectrum of assets. IST solves this by being available to all chains in the growing IBC ecosystem.
Fee token for Agoric

Fee token for Agoric

IST is the native fee token for the Agoric chain and provides stability for the Agoric cryptoeconomy.

How it works

Learn about the mechanisms keeping IST stable.

User-Controlled Vaults

Users can deposit their collateral into Vaults and mint IST against their collateral. Users can retrieve their collateral by paying back the IST plus fees.
Liquidation Engine


The Inter Protocol relies on collateral to provide 100% backing for each IST issued. The amount of overcollateralization for each asset is determined by governance based on the riskiness of the asset. A decentralized oracle networks monitors the value of the collateral, and triggers liquidation of the collateral if it falls below the collateralization ratio.

Parity Stability Module
Parity Stability Module
The Parity Stability Module enables trading between approved stablecoins, such as USDC and IST. Keeping the IST peg tight.
Reserve Pool
Reserve Pool
The reserve holds protocol controlled value. Ongoing Agoric chain “gas” fees are deposited into the Reserve Pool as IST, which grows as the economy grows, providing permanent liquidity to the AMM.
Liquidation Engine
Governance determines the approved collateral types and manages the parameters associated with each collateral type based on the risk of the asset.

Your Voice Matters

The Inter Protocol is a community-driven project governed by Agoric BLD token holders (the BLDer DAO). Owning BLD enables voting on governance proposals such as choosing the next collateralized asset to improvements to the protocol.

What People Are Saying

A stable token for the community, by the community