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IST is a fully-collateralized, risk-managed stable token for Cosmos. Start your journey today!

Ride Dynamics

IST is a fully-collateralized, cryptocurrency-backed stable token for use across the Cosmos ecosystem. It's designed to maintain parity with the US dollar (USD) for broad accessibility. Initially, you can mint IST with bridged DAI, USDC, and USDT using the Parity Stability Module (PSM). However, new and exciting minting mechanisms like Vaults and BLD Boost are coming soon! IST is built on Agoric and will act as the native fee token once enabled. Additionally, holders of the Agoric BLD token (‘the BLDer DAO’) have sovereign governance over the protocol. A recently elected Economic Committee will manage risk parameters, evaluate new collateral types, monitor protocol operations, and respond to process improvement proposals.


Enjoy low-spread, low-fee trades between IST and high-quality stable tokens like DAI, USDC, and USDT.

Coming Soon

Deposit collateral like ATOM to create a Vault and borrow IST, giving you the freedom to participate in the $10B+ interchain market while holding onto your collateral.

BLD Boost

Enhance your staked Agoric BLD tokens by minting IST against future staking rewards.

Ecosystem Bits



IST is available to all chains in the growing IBC ecosystem.
Fee Token

Fee Token

IST is the native fee token for the Agoric chain.

2023 Roadmap

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  • IST Across Cosmos

    Continue to make IST accessible to protocols across the entire Cosmos ecosystem.

  • Whitepaper v1

    Following a round of community input, the new draft of our whitepaper will also include details on the new liquidation mechanism design.

  • Vaults

    Our second application will introduce a new minting mechanism that enables you to lock ATOM and other crypto assets to mint IST.

  • Liquidations

    Vaults require a robust liquidation model. Inter Protocol will launch with a dutch auction model for collateral liquidation which has been successful across other DeFi protocols. IST’s model will allow users to bid directly for assets in multiple ways.

  • Oracle Network

    Inter Protocol will receive price feeds from a decentralized oracle network led by Simply Staking and other experienced oracle node operators in the Cosmos community.  This network will use Chainlink’s model and software with contracts adapted for Agoric’s framework.

  • Reserve Pool

    The Reserve Pool provides Inter Protocol a central place to hold additional over-collateralizing assets and to manage accounting of the protocol. Over time, the Reserve may expand to provide the protocol additional asset management capabilities.

  • Bounties

    Funded bounties for community developers build tools and infrastructure for IST.

Structural Integrity

The economic protections put in place to support IST.



Vaults will enable IST to be over-collateralized, meaning that for each newly minted IST token, there is a higher amount of collateral backing it. This enables the protocol to factor in the volatility of crypto assets and provides backing for each IST.


A decentralized oracle network is responsible for monitoring the value of collateral, automatically triggering liquidation if it falls below the set collateralization ratio.
Economic Committee

Economic Committee

Our Economic Committee (EC) is an essential part of Inter Protocol and the stability of IST. The EC includes crypto, TradFi, economic, and FinTech experts delegated by BLD holders to manage the technical-economic parameters of IST. 
Reserve Pool

Reserve Pool

The Reserve Pool is a fund of diversified cryptocurrencies held by the Inter Protocol as Protocol Controlled Value (PCV). This provides an emergency fund that can cover a shortfall in a major liquidation or extreme market volatility.

Your Voice Matters

Inter Protocol is governed by Agoric BLD token holders (the BLDer DAO). Owning BLD enables voting on key governance proposals.

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