Inter Protocol x Kado: From Fiat to IST in Minutes

September 06 ,2023

Acquiring IST via fiat just got a whole lot easier thanks to our recently formed collaboration with Kado Money. Users can now enjoy a seamless bridge from conventional currencies to IST in a matter of a few clicks, thus eliminating one of the main pain points associated with acquiring a cryptocurrency. 

Understanding Kado & IST

Kado is leading the way as a fiat-to-crypto gateway. It offers best-in-class on/off-ramp solutions and self-custodial token swapping across 19 blockchains via an intuitive user interface and a lightning-fast KYC process. The platform is designed with one very important objective: to simplify the process of acquiring digital assets.

We are proud to announce that IST is now one of those assets.

With Kado, obtaining IST and transferring it to one's chosen self-custodial wallet becomes a breeze, simplifying the fiat-to-crypto journey. Within minutes, users are on-boarded and primed to explore, transact, and #RideTheCosmos. 

Built for Builders

Kado isn't just for end users. It's a tool for builders, who can integrate Kado and immediately provide their own users with direct access to IST. For DeFi protocols or money markets, where native stable tokens play a crucial role, integrating Kado now ensures instant and cost-effective access to the leading Cosmos native stabletoken, IST.

What does this mean for IST?

Our collaboration with Kado Money is more than just a partnership; it's a strategic initiative to enhance the IST user journey. Kado ensures that both crypto novices and seasoned users alike, can now smoothly transition from fiat to IST. This unlocks the vast potential of the Cosmos ecosystem. 

Armed more easily with IST, new users can explore the interchain through a host of use cases, such as DeFi trading, minting NFTs, paying IBC gas fees, or DCA’ing into their preferred crypto assets.

Looking ahead

In the ever-evolving landscape of cryptocurrency, platforms like Kado stand out by offering tangible solutions to real-world challenges. As we continue to build a stabletoken designed for the future growth of the Cosmos ecosystem and beyond, such collaborations are pivotal in shaping a user-friendly crypto future.

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