Inter Protocol Launch!

October 28 ,2022

We're excited to announce that Inter Protocol has been deployed on the Agoric mainnet! This launch introduces the Inter Stable Token (IST) and the Parity Stability Module (PSM). The PSM allows anyone to mint IST using USDC or USDT bridged over Axelar or the Gravity Bridge.

Try the PSM:

How to use the PSM

We made a handy video tutorial covering everything you need to know about interacting with the PSM to mint IST and how to setup your Agoric Smart Wallet. This tutorial assumes you've completed two prerequisites:

  1. A Keplr wallet with 10 BLD tokens

  2. Available balance in USDC or USDT (over Axelar/Gravity)

Watch Tutorial: How to mint IST with the PSM

If you’re more of a picture and text kind of learner, we also have Inter Protocol Documentation

Ride The Cosmos

Over the next few days, you'll be able to bring IST to the growing ecosystem of Cosmos chains.

Osmosis - DEX to swap between IST and OSMO.

Crescent - DEX to swap between IST and bCRE. 


I'm having trouble connecting the PSM to my Agoric Smart Wallet?

  • Chrome Browser: Please hard-refresh your browser.

  • Brave Browser: Disable Shields and then refresh your browser.

What chain is Inter Protocol on?

  • Inter Protocol is deployed on the Agoric chain. 

What wallet(s) are needed/supported by IST?

  • Keplr is supported for IST in general, but to interact with Agoric contracts like the PSM dApp, the Agoric Smart Wallet is also required. 

Will IST be listed on exchanges? 

  • Any exchange info will be announced through the usual social channels.

Where can I buy and/or sell IST?

  • IST can be traded using any of the available DEX or CEX that become available. You can currently swap USDC or USDT for IST using the Inter Protocol PSM.

How does IST maintain parity with the USD?

  • The PSM allows for direct 1:1 trades between IST and other bridged stable tokens. Our Priming IST article provides additional information.

Can I transfer IST to any chain?

How do I vote in IST governance proposals? 

  • As Inter Protocol is deployed on the Agoric chain, you will need Agoric BLD tokens to vote on IST-related governance proposals. 

What’s IST’s role in the Agoric ecosystem?

  • IST is the native fee token for transactions on Agoric. 

Wear Your Seatbelt!

The Inter Protocol Launch Team encourages participants in the IST ecosystem to be cautious and vigilant about the security of your seed phrase or wallet mnemonics. If you ever have questions about a person or organization contacting you with an unverified promotion, incentive, or a support inquiry, please join the Inter Protocol Discord and drop a message in the #scam-reports channel.

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